Wheel Alignment For Massachusetts and Connecticut

A wheel alignment is really a complex measurement of suspension angles. At Cloot’s Auto Body and Repair, we know your tires are expensive and a primary safety concern. A proper wheel alignment will ensure longer tire life and accurate steering.

Your vehicle can become out of alignment due to a collision, wear, and hitting a pothole or an obstacle.  Cloot’s will accurately realign all suspension angles and have you riding right.  Whether you need a front end, four wheel or thrust angle alignment Cloot’s will professionally tune and realign. Wheel alignment should be considered regular required maintenance, and can pay for itself in longer tire life and added safety.

We will get your vehicle back to where it needs to be for optimal performance, whether car, truck, or van. Your tires are all that connects your vehicle to the road, so optimal adhesion is critical. Cloot’s wants you and your family to ride as safely as possible at all times. Savings on tire wear and gas consumption are important, but your safety and customer satisfaction are our number one concern.

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