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What is classic car repair?

Classic car repair is the process of repairing cars from a certain era, typically from the pre-1950s era. These cars are often older and have complicated mechanical systems that require specialist knowledge to fix. To fix these cars, mechanics will need to test the car’s engine and diagnose any potential problems. They will also have to perform a diagnostic check of the car’s electrical system and replace parts.

Not every auto body shop is equipped to do classic car repairs. Cloot’s Auto Body in Westfield, MA is!

Classic Car Bumper Repair

Replacing or repairing damaged bumpers is typically caused by vehicular collisions. When your classic vehicle needs bumper repair, a specialty auto body shop will be able to do it quickly and with the highest quality workmanship.

Cloot’s Auto Body has been performing classic car bumper repairs in Massachusetts for over 30 years now. Our Westfield, MA auto body shop specializes in bumper repair for classic cars, including Lincoln town cars and Ford Mustangs.

Vintage Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration is the process of restoring a classic car to its original condition. The restoration process can be done by the owner or an expert who specializes in it. Choosing a professional auto body shop for the restoration of your classic car is the best way to ensure that it will be done in the most perfect manner.

How to get rid of rust on a classic car?

Rusting cars are a part of classic car culture. The older the vehicle, the more rust it is likely to have. Rust can be seen as an important part of how classic cars look. Rust is a natural process, and it should be allowed to happen. However, if rust becomes too much or you want the car to look shiny again, there are ways to remove the rust.

The process of removing rust from a vehicle can be difficult.


Using a product such as Mag-Lift can make the job easier. This product is an abrasive that can be used to remove rust from metal without damaging the paint or body of the classic truck or car. It can also be mixed with paint to help build up the color. Mag-Lift is sold in a powder form that should be mixed with water until it forms a slurry. It can then be applied to the rust using a paintbrush.

Liquid Rust Remover

Any type of liquid rust remover can be used on a car, but some are more effective than others. One of the most common liquid rust removers is calcium chloride. This chemical has a variety of uses in different industries, but it can also be used to remove rust from metal. It is sold in both liquid and dry forms, but the dry form will usually need to be mixed with some type of solvent to be used as a rust remover. Calcium chloride can also be added to paint for more intense color.

Other Chemicals

Another liquid rust remover is sodium hydroxide or caustic soda. This chemical can be used to remove rust from metal, but it is also very corrosive and caustic. Inhaling the fumes from this chemical would cause serious damage to a person’s lungs. It is sold in both liquid and dry forms.

Hire a Professional

An alternative to the chemical solutions mentioned above is a rust removal kit or save time and get it done perfectly by hiring a professional. Cloot’s Auto Body has the knowledge and attention to detail to remove rust from your classic car.

How much does it cost to get your classic vehicle fixed up?

This is a difficult question to answer because the cost of getting your classic fixed up will depend on how much work needs to be done. If you need just some minor repairs, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than if you need a whole new engine. A custom paint job would cost more than a regular one. Costs can range from $500 to $10,000.

How do I get my classic car repaired?

The best way to make sure that your classic car is getting the repairs it needs is to schedule regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is done when you get an oil change, spark plugs changed, and tires rotated. This way you will know when your classic car needs a repair.

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