Cloots Auto Body Towing Partners

Cloots Auto Body and Repair works with may Southwick towing companies. One that we recommend a lot is Interstate Towing, Inc. If you have to be towed and have damage that needs repair we will coordinate with them to make it easier for you. No repair is too small. We do all types of vehicles no matter what size – really! From small cars to RVs, Mack trucks and beyond!

Having an accident is painful enough without having to worry about having your car towed and repaired. Interstate Towing, Inc is the recommended towing company from the experts at Cloots Auto Body repairs. Have them bring your vehicle in for quick service. Interstate Towing, Inc. is the primary service provider for several AAA Clubs.

Cloots Auto Body is prepared for your towed vehicle and the potential repairs needed. Our shop has extended ceilings, so all work is done inside to get the job done quickly. Many shops do not have this feature, which means your vehicle will have to be towed again if the shop cannot accommodate you.

So call us today at 413-568-3441 to get a quote and the expert repair service you need for you vehicle.