Bumper Repair for Westfield area vehicle owners at Cloots Auto Body. Bumper repairs are often more complicated than you would think. Bumper repair costs tend to fall just under the deductible so it’s not worth making a claim. Many people try duct tape as an alternative but that can be a bad mistake. Then there are those who get out the heavy duty glue and try on their own – again not always a good idea.

The first thing you should do is bring the vehicle to us so we can give you a bumper repair estimate. This will let you know what’s involved in the repair and give you a better idea of the skill needed to repair the bumper yourself. Sure there are plastic bumper repair kits out there but is your skill level up to the challenge and do you have the proper tools to do it right? And what if you have a metal bumper or even a chrome bumper? This is a much different job and technique.

Your bumper is put together a specific way and not fixing the minor cracks or sections that are starting to split can cause damage to other parts of your vehicle down the road. Here is a customer who waited over a year thinking glue would solve his problem. When that didn’t work he reverted to duct tape. It only got worse and eventually, he came in for a bumper repair estimate.

It turns out we were able to take him in right away and fix it for far less than his insurance deductible. Think about it – driving around with duct tape flapping in the wind and making it worse. Even if you don’t want to fix it right away you should always come in for a free bumper repair estimate so you know what your options are.

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