Are you looking for auto body repair in the Blandford area? Auto body repair in itself is a hassle, whether it’s a small scratch on the side or a cavernous dent in the metal. When in need of any repair to your vehicle, Cloot’s Auto Body and Repair is here for you. From scuffs to fender benders to major collision damage, Cloot’s will be able to fix you up so you can be back on the road as though nothing ever happened.

At Cloot’s Auto Body Repair, any damage done to your vehicle—whether a new ride, a beloved classic, or an old favourite—will be reversed at an affordable price. We can fix any part that may have suffered the blows of unsavoury collisions; and if we can’t, we’ll replace the part for you so you can drive again safely. It’s as important as us that your car is in good shape again as it is to you. Your satisfaction is what we value.

Our quality is unmatchable, we guarantee. If you need convincing, you can ask any of our customers from the Blandford area, who have all left our garage with a car as good as new, happy to not only have their car restored, but ecstatic to have their car looking better than the day they bought it.

Paint scratches, scuffs, and other cosmetic blemishes are easy for us to repair, as well as the other ‘harder’ stuff like pushing out dents or replacing parts. Our mechanics are skilled and devoted to making your car function as well as they’d want their own to after an unfortunate accident, whatever size. We’re here for you to provide what you cannot yourself.

If you are from Blandford and have any questions regarding our auto body repair services, you can call us at (413) 568-3441 or fill out the contact sheet listed below. We’d be happy to help you, and are willing to at least give you a quote if nothing else. Either way we thank you for your time and hope that we can be a help to you.

Cloot’s Auto Body Repair is right down the road from Blandford and we are worth the trip!